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Cat. No. : ACC0023
Horror,2004,80 Minutes,English,16x9 1:85;1 Aspect Ratio,Dolby Digital 5.1,M15+ (Medium Level Coarse Language, Medium Level Violence, Low Level Sex Scenes, Sexual References),Cast & Crew Interviews Making of footage NIGHT RIDE - AFTRS graduate short film by Director Martin Murphy. Accent Trailers,Marty Murphy,Leon Ford, Charlie Garber, Lenka Kripac,"Australia's answer to BLAIR WITCH...quite an acheivement!" ***1/2 Maragaret Pomeranz AT THE MOVIES " A weird and watchable little existentail horror!" Michael Adams - Empire " Far better than OPEN WATER!" Sun Herald " The return to basics for Psychological Horror genre...Fresh and unpredictable!!" ANDREW L URBAN, URBAN CINEFILE "At last...An Aussie film to jump up and down about!" 3D WORLD "A CULT CLASSIC" - ABC RADIO, ROD QUINN,Four teenagers, who are nearing the end of their school lives and are about to take the first steps into the adult world, set off for a weekend of sun, surf and fun on a remote beach in the north of Sydney. The two boys Gary (Leon Ford) and Brad (Charlie Garber) are intent on indulging their carnal desires with the two girls, Emily (Lenka Kripac) and Tracey (Alex Vaughn), drink some beer and enjoy all the beach has to offer. When they arrive at the desolate beach Emily soon begins to sense something is not quite right with the beach, and with the arrival of a drifter Zippo (Steve Le Marquand) they realise they are not alone. But soon they notice that some one or something else is lurking. Very soon fear sets in, dread surfaces and they are faced with a terror far beyond anything any of them could imagine. An audacious debut feature from Martin Murphy,a horror film set in the stark light of day, LOST THINGS does for the beach what THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT did for the forest. With a superb screenplay from Stephen Sewell (THE BOYS) who has yet again turned another iconic Australian setting, the surf beach, showing us an eery underbelly where the dreaded dwells below the surface. Acclaimed as the best Australian film in quite some time. OPEN WATER showed us what we should fear beneath the sea, LOST THINGS shows us the things to fear are also on land!
Price: A$24.95
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