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Cat. No. : ACC0041
Drama,2003,119 minutes,English/French (Optional English subtitles),2.35:1,5.1 Dolby Digital,R18+ (High level sexual violence and sex scenes),Widescreen 2.35 Original aspect ratio Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound Trailer Director's Statement Accent Trailers,Bruno Dumont,Yekaterina Golubeva, David Wissak,"Will blow your mind! Sexy, ultra-violent and sweet, it will infiltrate your brain long after you've seen it." New York Post "A true scandal. Mesmerising. Shocking." The Onion "Compelling and extreme" The New York Times "One of the most uncompromised films I've ever seen" Premiere "A gem. TWENTYNINE PALMS is a love poem to the way we look at the world" Slant,Award-winning filmmaker Bruno Dumont's devastating TWENTYNINE PALMS is a mesmerizing story of love, sex and evil set deep in the California desert. Dumont's self-professed "experimental horror film" follows a couple in the throes of a torrid love affair as they journey through the blazing heat of the Mojave desert. David (David Wissack), an American photographer, and his Russian girlfriend Katia (Katia Golubeva), are scouting locations for an upcoming photo shoot. During the day, they drive through some of the wildest, most bizarre desert landscapes, while at night, they continually argue and have raw, primal sex. Eventually, their luck runs out. TWENTYNINE PALMS is a jaw-droppingly brash work of art. The result is a truly challenging film, which will confound and anger as many viewers as it stimulates and thrills. Like Lars von Trier's DOGVILLE, TWENTYNINE PALMS will also be accused of anti-Americanism, but Dumont's message is clearly a universal one. He uses a sparse yet familiar American landscape to subvert viewer's expectations, building to one of the most shocking finales in cinematic history.
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